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Wednesday, 12 October, 10:10, sergepolar.livejournal.com
The Multiverse Pandemic
Nicolas Gisin

I argue against the many-world interpretation (MWI) of quantum theory by emphasizing that when everything is entangled with everything else, in one big monstrous piece, there is no room left for creativity. Since the MWI was invented, it proves itself wrong (appeared first in French in [N. Gisin, L'\'epid\'emie du multivers, in Le plus grand des hasards, p. 184, eds J.F. Dars et A. Papillault, Belin 2010]).

The Pseudoscience of Time Travel
Andrew Knight

Because closed timelike curves are consistent with general relativity, many have asserted that time travel into the past is physically possible if not technologically infeasible. However, the possibility of time travel into the past rests on the unstated and false assumption that zero change to the past implies zero change to the present. I show that this assumption is logically inconsistent; as such, it renders time travel into the past both unscientific and pseudoscientific.
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