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Реклама на проекте


Суббота, 29 Декабрь, 03:12, wealth.livejournal.com
Гундяев докладывает:
[...] Мною было направлено обращение в Правительство столицы о выделении на одном из московских кладбищ специального участка для христианского погребения детей-сирот [...]

Между тем госдумовские твари уже начали рушить судьбы:
Just a week ago Kendra and her husband visited Polina at her orphanage outside Moscow. The bubbly 5-year-old suffers from spina bifida, a condition that has left her numb from the waist down and unable to walk. They showed Polina photos of her new bedroom and told her about her new family. They played together, hugged each other, and promised to see each other soon when they returned in January to bring her home to Arkansas.

The adoption ban legislation, meanwhile, had just been introduced by Russian lawmakers. Kendra had hoped their case, which was nearly completed, would sneak in under the wire. She held out hope again after a Moscow court approved her adoption on Monday. All that was needed was a 30 day waiting period before they could bring Polina home.

It appears even that was too late. The law goes into effect on Jan. 1, but Russian officials have said even cases of 52 children who are within weeks of traveling to the United States are now frozen. Authorities have pledged to find new homes for them in Russia.

Я так понимаю, что Гундяев уже нашел "дом" для этих детей.

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