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One of the leading solar players in Ukraine Rentechno company becomes EUEA member!

Вторник, 10 Апрель, 19:04, solareview.blogspot.com
One of the leading solar developers and EPC contractors in Ukraine Rentechno company becomes EUEA member! Rentechno company is focused on the implementation of integrated engineering solutions using energy-efficient technologies and renewable energy sources. The headquarters is located in Kiev (Ukraine). At present, the main activities include the construction and development of the photovoltaic turnkey projects. Currently, company concentrates on the markets of Eastern Europe and the Middle East. History of Rentechno began in 2009 with initiation of investment projects in Ukraine related to the photovoltaic components manufacturing and PV projects development under the SolarUA brand. In 2011, the company started the installation of the solar power plant of 1.8 MW in southern Ukraine as EPC-contractor. Development of several own PV farms was started in the second half of 2011. Rentechno is a team of professionals with insightful practical experience and deep knowledge in the field of clean-tech. We are equipped with sufficient expertise to perform projects of any complexity, from residential solar thermal/PV/hybrid systems to utility-scale power plants. Company provides an individual approach for every client, aiming to develop the comprehensive, yet affordable solution and to maintain the long-term mutually beneficial cooperation. Rentechno provides a wide range of services in engineering and construction of energy systems, introducing innovative energy-efficient solutions of any complexity, as well as energy audit, feasibility stages, procurement, construction, commissioning, maintenance support, operations and finance consulting, legal support for the project. We use the following technologies and products: crystalline and thin-film photovoltaics, BIPV, wind turbines, trackers, solar heater, heat pumps, etc. Company demonstrates the most affordable solutions with high level of customer services provided. Long-term mission of Rentechno is to introduce the modern cost effective approaches for low-carbon energy generation by utilizing efficiently the potential of renewable sources of energy. To be a leader in solar power generation and energy efficient solutions provision in Eastern Europe is the main purpose of the company. We want to contribute significantly to development of the eco-friendly society and making this World better and safer place for future generations.3638524534859153281-1566434331105425340?l=solareview.blogspot.com solareview?d=yIl2AUoC8zA solareview?d=63t7Ie-LG7Y solareview?d=dnMXMwOfBR0 solareview?d=7Q72WNTAKBA q2KxwdTnbsw
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