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Среда, 02 Март, 15:03, shvarz.livejournal.com

Give postdocs a career, not empty promises

Правильная очень статья, я давно уже то же самое говорю.

"The career structure for scientific research in universities is broken... we should professionalize the postdoc role and turn it into a career rather than a scientific stepping stone.

The scientific enterprise is run on what economists call the 'tournament' model, with practitioners pitted against one another in bitter pursuit of a very rare prize. Given that cheap and disposable trainees — PhD students and postdocs — fuel the entire scientific research enterprise, it is not surprising that few inside the system seem interested in change. A system complicit in this sort of exploitation is at best indifferent and at worst cruel.

Permanent research staff positions could be generated and filled with talented and experienced postdocs who do not want to, or cannot, lead a research team — a job that, after all, requires a different skill set."

Update: Результаты опроса о лучшем месте для постдока
Чем они лучшие? University College of London: "The emphasis on individualism at University College London, this year’s top international institution, for example, “is good for learning because you get to be more independent quicker"
Woods Hole: WHOI offers three types of postdoc positions, and Apprill is receiving 18 months of internal funding to pursue her own research interests. “Postdocs are treated as junior colleagues,” she says, “so we’re able to come in and start new projects.”

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