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Thursday, 27 June, 16:06, sergepolar.livejournal.com
В самом деле, про пиво навалом, а про фисташки "в год одна"


On the relative packing densities of pistachios and pistachio shells
Ruben Zakine, Michael Benzaquen

Given an appetizer bowl full of N pistachios, what is the optimal size of the container -- neither too small, nor too big -- needed for accommodating the resulting 2N non-edible pistachio shells? Performing a simple experiment we find that, provided the shells are densely packed, such container needs only be slightly more than half (≈0.57) that of the original pistachio bowl. If loosely packed this number increases to ≈0.73. Our results are discussed in light of existing literature on packing ellipsoids and spherical caps.
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