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Some Upcoming Events in 2010

Четверг, 29 Июль, 19:07, adhoceducation.blogspot.com
5.-8th August, Helsinki. Assembly Summer 2010. Finland's largest computer festival. //Unfortunately, I don't have a visa...8.-14th August, St. Petersburg. Microsoft Data Structures and Algorithms School (MIDAS) 28.-29th August, St. Peterburg. Chaos Constructions 2010. Russian's largest computer festival (in terms of Demoscene). Brief info in English. 13.-18th September, Voronezh. 4th Russian Summer School in Information Retrieval (RuSSIR-2010)8.-9th October, Kiev. Agileee 2010: Agile Eastern Europe Conference. Event in LinkedIn.12th October, Moscow. EMC Forum Russia 2010.13.-17th October, Kazan. "Digital Libraries: Advanced Methods and Technologies, Digital Collections" Conference.14.-15th October, Moscow. 6th Central and Eastern European Software Engineering Conference. Keynotes by Bjarne Stroustrup, Richard Mark Soley (OMG) and Steve Todd (EMC). Event in LinkedIn.25.-26th October, Moscow. Highload ++ Conference (High load systems engineering).9.-12th November, Lappeenranta. 8th FRUCT Conference (Finnish-Russian University Cooperation in Telecommunications Program). Event in LinkedIn. See also list of FRUCT events, for which they provide free participation and financial help.11351582-9096523059741326696?l=adhoceducation.blogspot.com
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