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Constitution, Authoritarianism, and Bad Governance: The Case of Russia

Tuesday, 06 April, 11:04, grey-dolphin.livejournal.com
В журнале Russian Politics (2021, vol.6, No.1) опубликована моя статья "Constitution, Authoritarianism, and Bad Governance: The Case of Russia" https://brill.com/view/journals/rupo/6/1/article-p71_5.xml Кто не имеет подписки на журналы Brill, но хочет получить экземпляр, может оставить свой адрес электронной почты в личных сообщениях - пришлю в течение недели

Abstract. Among many arguments for constitutional changes presented in the wake of the 2020 campaign for the popular vote in Russia, there was the idea that “cementing” Russia’s political landscape for the sake of the regime’s durability would serve as a tool for improvement of quality of governance. This argument, in a way, followed the essential point of Mancur Olson describing many autocrats across the globe as “roving bandits” with their short-term time horizons and incentives for predatory behavior. To what extent may the constitutional extension of the time horizon of Russia’s authoritarian regime contribute to conversion of Russia’s state officials and top managers from the “roving” to the “stationary” model, in Olson’s terms? On the basis of previous research, I argue that the nature of Russia’s political regime— electoral authoritarianism under personalist rule — prevents such a trajectory of further evolution. Indeed, the set of constitutional changes adopted in Russia in July 2020 is likely to preserve bad governance as a mechanism of maintenance of politico-economic order, as intentionally built and developed during the post-Soviet period. While certain technocratic solutions for Russia’s governance, aimed at “fool-proofing”, may avert the risks of major disasters, under conditions of durable authoritarianism the use of these devices will not result in major advancements in the quality of governance. Rather, they may contribute to further decay and aggravation of the numerous vices of bad governance.
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