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Кино "Спокойная ночь"

Воскресенье, 02 Август, 22:08, d-kishkinev.livejournal.com
English Lyrics:
Rooftops are shaking under the pressure of the day
A heavenly shepherd herds the clouds,
A city shoots its lights into the night
But strong is the night, great is her power...
To those who got to bed - good dreams, good night...
I've been waiting for this time, And now this time has come
Those who were silent aren't silent anymore
Those who have nothing to wait for, mount their horses
You won't catch up with them, it's too late now...
To those who got to bed - good dreams, good night...
Neighbors come, they complain they hear hooves clicking
They can't fall asleep, it disturbs their dreams
Those who've got nothing to wait for - they take off,
Those who are saved, those who are saved...

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