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Work and Life in Education and Research. 2014 report.

Суббота, 31 Январь, 15:01, adhoceducation.blogspot.com
Here's just few key highlight of what I've been busy in 2014.WorkAfter stepping out from GameChangers management team I've started to look for less entrepreneureal type of jobs. I've got four roles:ResearcherJanuary - May. I've studied how companies like Google, Valve and Yandex are organized internally. This project was requested and funded by JetBrains (deliverables were an internal set of reports). Further I've continued the project as seminars about organizational design.0-UBIu8Kcpz23ZLRPz.pngValve%2BOrg%2BCharts.jpgModerator and story-teller July - August. As a guest at Ladoga lake's shore festival named as 'Otkrytie' (in Russian it meams 'discovery' and 'opening') I've been modearting informal experience sharing on topics related to education and healthcare. My own content I've delivered in form of workshops about future of education, professional orientation and strategic planning in agile organizations (mainly based on OKRs). All this job was done for food and housing and it was probably the best work in 2014.WriterAugust - September. In the summer I thouth what if to write for money? In 2013 I was very delighted to to work with Anton Shirikov as an editor to publish an artcile 'Tutors and Colliders' in Slon.ru (for English edition see Medium's post). So our collaboration continued with this two texts:“How Google Works with OKRs: Unachievable Goals and Fair Grades““How IT Companies Share News with their Employees“.Then Anton has quited Slon to join RBC and I gaved up writing. But yep, that was nice experience. I've got positive feedback and > 10 000 views for each article. Manager (University Relations Specialist)September - December. After the research my interest in joining Google has grown, while my Googler-friends reffered me to a position in Moscow office (in the Summer there were more then 20 open positions). All the expectations about Google itself were met, while it terms of the position (context, job resposibilites and mode of operation) - we've seen it completely different with my manager. We've stopped to work together after 3 month. My conclusions:it's mandatory to get far more information about the position before accepting the offer it's complicated for me to work as a manager (especially within very distributed team) The key impression: Google really has one of the most strongest corporate culture of our times. It's potential is still in it's beginning.Education Ecosystem Events to highlight IMG_20141017_100443.jpgDSC_0796.jpgAlready mentioned 'Opening' FestivalyCamp by Andrei Afanasiev and Co (contributed, but didn't attend due to relocation to Moscow)EdCrunch (attended, but I've rejected to contribute due to being busy with Google)People of 2014Ekaterina Peskova. Moved from microbiology to study and teach body-mind practices. We've met at Google's corporate yoga classes in Moscow. With her strong background in natural sciences and psychology Ekaterina examines and merges different approaches from East and West. It was most mindful practices I've ever attend before.Victor Udoewa. Moved form Washigton to London to join Google. We've e-met even before my first day in a company - he wrote so warm welcome email, so I've searched for Victor's profiles in the Internet and have been impressed with his talents and activites. It was a wonder looking at how he conducts wokshops and training for students in Dublin's Google Campus Ambassador Summit.  What about GameChangers?I've put my head and hands out of it. These activities were done by alumni:Product Management track and Enterprise Architecture trackNerdCamp and IT Table Tennis CupPersonal ExperienceReconnection with parents and digging my roots out. Exploring family trees and stories are also about discovering culture of Christianity in Russia. ReadingsWolf.JPGOverview with book coversInterview of the year: Yason Badridze about his life with wolves by Alexander Burtin and Mikhail Ioshpa TravelDublin_view.jpgJoyce.jpgJoyce_mistakes.jpgSt. Peterburg and Moscow neighbourhouds (inculding Sergievka, Kolomna and Pereslavl Zalessky)Dublin (yep, it's a city of Joyce's Ulysses)What's next?It's my fifth month in Moscow (I've moved here to join Google) and I don't feel comfortable with idea to come back to St. Petersburg (but other cities and countries). Areas and roles to work in still are to decide: media, research, consulting, healthcare or something completely different, e.g. art or juggling classes for office workrers. I do exercises with balls for about half of the year - it's not about how many balls you can manage it's about how do you fell a single one.Dream job is about these features:strong teams (or a strong partner for small projects)location in smooth climat or any comfortable environment (e.g. Europe/US or less obvious but fresh choices like Lebanon, Armenia, Georgia or Azerbaijan)related to asking questionsorganizational designcombination of media, education, research, art and businesssocial/technology ecosystems and foresightshealthcare and body-mind studies working with dolphins
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